RS Acft Compo Repair Tech Sr Appleton, WI

Unique Skills: Repair and overhaul hydraulic components, landing gear, wheels and brakes. Perform paint and corrosion removal, and detailed inspections. Operate shop equipment including hydraulic press, test benches, media blasters, bead breakers, and other special tools. Utilize Gulfstream computer systems to access technical data and document work performed. Education and Experience RequiremenRead More


A&P Aircraft Technician I - 3rd Shift

Aircraft Technican Sr - Van Nuys (Weekend)

Aircraft Technician II

Aircraft Technician II - 3rd Shift

Aircraft Technician Sr

Aircraft Technician Sr - 1st Shift

Airworthiness Inspect Senior

Avionics / Electrical Technician I - 1st Shift

Avionics / Electrical Technician I - Wkd Shift

Avionics Elecrical Technician II - 4th Shift

Avionics Electrical Technician I

Avionics Electrical Technician II

Avionics Electrical Technician Lead

Avionics Technician I - 1st Shift

Avionics Technician I - 2nd Shift

Avionics Technician I - Weekend Shift - St. Louis, MO

Avionics Technician II - 2nd Shift

Avionics Technician II - 3rd Shift

Avionics Technician II - Long Beach, CA

Avionics/Electrical Tech Lead - Van Nuys (Weekend) (5,000 sign on bonus offered)

Avionics/Electrical Tech Sr - Van Nuys Weekend Shift (5,000 sign on bonus offered)

Business Aircraft Cabin Interiors - Tech Spec I


Certification Electrical/EWIS AR - Tech Spec III

Control Law/Stability and Control - Engineer II

Control Law/Stability and Control Engineer - TS I

Director Procurement - Avionics

Director Procurement - Composites & Structures

Engraver / Machinist Sr

Flammability Certification Specialist - Tech Spec I

Inspector - RS Airworthiness - 2nd Shift

Interior Install Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabricator, 2nd shift)

Interior Install Technician II- Van Nuys

Interior Installation Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabrication) - 2nd Shift

Interior Installation Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabricator)

Procurement Project Manager

RS Acft Compo Repair Tech I

RS Acft Compo Repair Tech II

RS Acft Compo Repair Tech Sr

RS Aircraft Cleaner Sr

RS Aircraft Painter II

RS Aircraft Technician I

RS Aircraft Technician II

RS Aircraft Technician Sr

RS Avionics/Electrical Technician II

RS Cabinet Finisher I

RS Cabinet Finisher Sr

RS Cabinetmaker Lead

RS Cabinetmaker Sr

RS Computer Numerical Control Technician II

RS Interior Install Tech I (Sheetmetal Fabrication) weekend shift

RS Interior Install Tech Sr

RS Interior Installation Technician II

RS Interior Installation Technician Sr

RS Line Svc Mech II

RS Master Craftsperson

RS Mechanical Team Lead - Sheet Metal

RS Mechanical Team Lead - Sheet Metal 2nd Shift

RS Sheetmetal Tech II

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr - Weekend Shift

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr. - 3rd Shift

RS Sheetmetal Technician I - 2nd Shift

RS Upholstery Tech I

RS Upholstery Technician Sr

Sheetmetal Technician II (Weekend shift)

Sheetmetal Technician Sr - 2nd Shift

Structural Stress Analysis Engineer - Interior Furnishings (Tech Spec I)