JOBS BY TITLE: Operations Engineer I

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A&P Aircraft Technician I - 3rd Shift

Aircraft Composite Repair Technician II

Aircraft Technican Sr - Van Nuys (Weekend)

Aircraft Technician II

Aircraft Technician II - 3rd Shift

Aircraft Technician Sr

Aircraft Technician Sr - 1st Shift

Airworthiness Inspect Senior

Avionics / Electrical Technician I - 1st Shift

Avionics / Electrical Technician I - Wkd Shift

Avionics Elecrical Technician II - 4th Shift

Avionics Electrical Technician II

Avionics Technician I - 2nd Shift

Avionics Technician I - Weekend Shift - St. Louis, MO

Avionics Technician II - 2nd Shift

Avionics Technician II - 3rd Shift

Avionics Technician II - Long Beach, CA

Avionics/Electrical Tech Lead - Van Nuys (Weekend) (5,000 sign on bonus offered)

Avionics/Electrical Tech Sr - Van Nuys Weekend Shift (5,000 sign on bonus offered)

Certification Electrical/EWIS AR - Tech Spec III

Completions Mechanical Systems Completions Certification Tech Spec II

Control Law/Stability and Control - Engineer II

Control Law/Stability and Control Engineer - TS I

Director Procurement - Avionics

Director Procurement - Composites & Structures

Engineer II - Electrical Applications

Engraver / Machinist Sr

Flammability Certification Specialist - Tech Spec I

Inspector - RS Airworthiness - 2nd Shift

Interior Install Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabricator, 2nd shift)

Interior Install Technician II- Van Nuys

Interior Installation Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabrication) - 2nd Shift

Interior Installation Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabricator)

NDT Technician II

Procurement Project Manager

RS Acft Compo Repair Tech I

RS Acft Compo Repair Tech II

RS Acft Compo Repair Tech Sr

RS Aircraft Cleaner I

RS Aircraft Cleaner II

RS Aircraft Cleaner Sr

RS Aircraft Painter II

RS Aircraft Technician I

RS Aircraft Technician II

RS Aircraft Technician Sr

RS Avionics/Electrical Technician II

RS Cabinet Finisher I

RS Cabinet Finisher Sr

RS Cabinetmaker Lead

RS Cabinetmaker Sr

RS Computer Numerical Control Technician II

RS Interior Install Tech I (Sheetmetal Fabrication) weekend shift

RS Interior Installation Technician Sr

RS Master Craftsperson

RS Mechanical Team Lead - Sheet Metal

RS Mechanical Team Lead - Sheet Metal 2nd Shift

RS NDT Technician Sr

RS Sheetmetal Tech II

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr - Weekend Shift

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr. - 3rd Shift

RS Sheetmetal Technician I - 2nd Shift

RS Sheetmetal Technician Sr - 2nd Shift

RS Upholstery Tech I

RS Upholstery Technician Sr

Service Center Supervisor - Van Nuys (Weekend Shift)

Sheetmetal Technician II (Weekend shift)

Sheetmetal Technician Sr - 2nd Shift

Sheetmetal Technician Sr.

Software QA Engineering Specialist Sr

Technical Specialist I - Fatigue and Damage Tolerance