JOBS BY TITLE: Airworthiness Inspector Van Nuys CA

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A&P Aircraft Technician - 2nd Shift

A&P Aircraft Technician- 1st Shift

A&P Aircraft Technician I - 3rd Shift

A&P Aircraft Technician I - Weekend 1st Shift

A&P Aircraft Technician II - 1st Shift

A&P Aircraft Technician II - Weekend 1st Shift

Aircraft Component Repair Technician Sr

Aircraft Technican Sr - Van Nuys (Weekend)

Aircraft Technician II

Aircraft Technician II - 3rd Shift

Aircraft Technician Sr - 1st Shift

Aircraft Technician Sr.TEB

Airworthiness Inspector

Avionics / Electrical Technician I - Wkd Shift

Avionics Electrical Technician Lead

Avionics Technician I - 2nd Shift

Avionics Technician II - 3rd Shift

Certification Inspector

Completions Lead

Control Law/Stability and Control - Engineer II

Control Law/Stability and Control Engineer - TS I

Design Engineer/Electrical Engineer - Aircraft Cabins Interiors - TS I

Engineer Group Head I - Powerplant ECS Fuel

ERP App Development Specialist II

Interior Install Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabricator, 2nd shift)

Interior Installation Technician I (Sheetmetal Fabrication) - 2nd Shift

Quality Regulatory Compliance Officer

RS Aircraft Cleaner Sr

RS Aircraft Technician I

RS Aircraft Technician I - Second Shift

RS Aircraft Technician I - Weekend Shift

RS Aircraft Technician II

RS Aircraft Technician Sr - Weekend Shift

RS Airworth Inspector Senior

RS Avionics/Elec Tech I - 1st Shift

RS Avionics/Electrical Technician I

RS Avionics/Electrical Technician II - Weekend Shift

RS Avionics/Electrical Technician Sr

RS Avionics_Elec Tech Sr

RS Cabinetmaker Sr

RS CS Acft Support Mgr - Cabnet Finish


RS Interior Install Tech I (Sheetmetal Fabrication) weekend shift

RS Interior Install Tech Sr - 2nd Shift

RS Interior Installation Technician I - Second Shift

RS Mechanical Team Lead - Sheet Metal 2nd Shift

RS NDT Technician Sr

RS R&O Shop Lead

RS Sheetmetal Tech II

RS Sheetmetal Tech Sr. - 3rd Shift

RS Sheetmetal Technician I - 2nd Shift

RS Sheetmetal Technician II - 3rd Shift

RS Upholstery Tech Sr

RS Upholstery Technician Sr

Sheetmetal Technician II (Weekend shift)

Sheetmetal Technician Sr.

Social Media Specialist

Software QA Engineering Specialist Sr

Software Quality Assurance Engineering Specialist III

Technical Publications Systems Administrator

Technical Specialist I - Configuration & Change Management

Technical Specialist I - Loads and Dynamics

Technical Specialist I - Stress Analyst

Technical Specialist II

Technical Writer III

Upholstery Technician Sr