Human Factors Engineer - TS I

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Savannah, Georgia 31401
13/2 /2019
JOB ID: 141638 Specialty: Engineering




Unique Skills:

1. Applies diversified knowledge and experience of Human Factors (HF) principles and practices

2. Makes decisions independently on engineering problems and methods, and represents the organization to customers and suppliers to resolve important issues and to plan and coordinate work.

3. Applies advanced techniques and the modification and extension of theories, precepts, and practices of HF and related sciences and disciplines.

4. Plans, develops, coordinates, and directs a large and important engineering project or number of small projects with many complex features. Provides technical guidance to other engineers.

5. Develops and evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of projects and activities to be carried out by others. Assesses the feasibility and soundness of proposed HF evaluation test, products, or equipment when necessary data are insufficient or confirmation by testing is advisable.

6. Provides guidelines in application of HF requirements to equipment design during all stages of the design process, from concept definition through detailed design.

7. Applies structured quantitative or subjective methods to generate HF requirements and ensures human centered design and optimum usability in the operation, maintainability, and/or manufacturing of aircraft systems.

8. Leads and/or performs structured test plan development and analysis of full and part task simulations using prototyping tools to obtain early, multiple user feedback for HF requirement definition.

9. Provides analysis of detailed design concepts to functional teams through the use of modeling techniques for reach and force requirements for a wide anthropometric range of individuals of a targeted population.

10. Holds multidisciplinary review meetings as needed to clarify analysis goals. Creates specific project milestones that can be integrated in the overall group product plan and schedule.

11. Derives pilot workload assessments through measurement techniques such as rating scales, questionnaires, and flight technical error analysis.

12. Creates test plans and reports to substantiate compliance with HF certification regulations.

13. Generates estimates of procedural human error using task analysis and human error analysis methods.

14. Collaborates on the coordination and design of facilities and technology to support simulation testing.

15. Maintains a current and up-to-date knowledge of developments in HF and/or other related aircraft fields in order to recommend innovations to improve safety, quality, economy, and effectiveness.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Bachelors degree in engineering, a related curriculum, or equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. See Other Requirements in Job Description. 5 yrs in specific technical discipline or 10 yrs broad eng experience in several technical disciplines with Bachelors. Experience credit considered for related adv degrees limited to 2 yrs for Masters, 4 yrs for PhD in fields applicable to this job.

Position Purpose:

Assists with the planning, coordination, performance of design, analysis and liaison engineering supporting the development and production of Gulfstream products and services

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential Functions: 1. Contributes to planning, developing and coordinating of important engineering projects 2. Provides specialized technical assistance to team members 3. Uses advanced techniques and modified extension of theories to provide technical solutions to a wide range of difficult problems 4. Determines and develops own approach to solutions within schedule and cost objectives 5. Works under limited supervision; work should only be required to be reviewed for accuracy and consistency with meeting overall objectives 6. Acts as liaison with representatives outside of the assigned group/area

Additional Functions: 1. Actively works to improve daily processes and ensures all work meets customer requirements 2. Maintains a current knowledge of developments in the field of specialty and/or other related aircraft fields in order to recommend innovations to improve quality and effectiveness of company product 3. Performs other duties as assigned

Other Requirements: 1. Advanced degree in engineering related field preferred 2. The level of technical skill and abilities appropriate for this grade will be established by each discipline

Additional Information

Requisition Number: 141638

Category: Engineering

Percentage of Travel: Up to 25%

Shift: First

Employment Type: Full-time

Posting End Date: 02/20/2019

Gulfstream does not provide work visa sponsorship for this position, unless the applicant is a currently sponsored Gulfstream employee.

Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia